Jesper Börjesson.

Technical Level Designer

Fey and Ice

An asymmetrical co-op puzzle platforming game



Fey and Ice is an asymmetrical co-op puzzle platforming game that focuses on teamwork. Each character has unique abilities that needs to be used together to solve the various puzzles in the game. The project was made using some Paragon assets and in collaboration with Anton Lindgren who added various visual effects for Ice's abilities.

Main Goals

  • A co-op experience
  • Expandable abilities


  • Created in 8 weeks - half time
  • Using Unreal Engine 4
  • Using Blueprints
  • Using Paragon Assets
  • Collaborating with a Technical artist

What I learned

  • Designing for co-op
  • Creating expandable systems
  • Communicating with Technical artist


In this game two players play together with to different character who each have their own unique abilities. The design goal was to weave cooperation into the core game mechanics. To make that happen most abilities interact with another and requires that both players help each other to reach their characters full potential.



Fey is one of the characters in the game. She has a set of unique abilities.

Glide: When Fey is in the air she can toggle a glide that makes her fall slower while maintaining her momentum.

Bloom: There are several plants throughout the game. If any of them hit by Fey's bloom they will rapidly grow. Each type of plant has a unique effect. See Plants.

Root Smash: Fey creates powerful roots in front of her that can destroy frozen objects.




Ice is one of the characters in the game. She has a set of unique abilities.

Cone of Cold: Ice shoots a cone of cold that freezes some objects. When used on a freezable wall Fey can use her Root smash ability to destroy it and open a new path.

Slash: Ice makes a slash attack that can cut acorn plants that have been grown by Fey. When the acorn plant is slashed the acorn falls lose and can be moved around.

Water Walking: Ice can walk on water as she freezes the water under her feet. This gives her access to new paths across the maps.

Hold Acorn: Ice can hold and move around with acorns. This helps her control them with a lot more precision than pushing it around.

Cone of Cold




There is set of plants that can be affected by Fey's bloom. They each have unique features when bloomed.

Acorn Plant: When bloomed Ice can slash it to release an acorn. Ice can then pick up and move the released acorn. The Acorn can trigger pressure plates.

Mushroom: When bloomed they grow into very large sizes and acts as platform. The will shrink after a short delay.

Roots: When bloomed they will grow in a forward direction until they hit a wall. This will form a bridge that can be walked on.

Growing Roots


Feeling of imbalance

While both characters have the same amount of abilities most testers have said that they feel like Fey has a lot more stuff to do. This is due to the bloom ability, while it is a single ability it can affect three different plants with their own unique mechanics. This makes it feel like Bloom is three abilities rather than one. A solution to this problem is to let Cone of Cold freeze more things than just the destroyable walls.


Closing Thoughts

This project helped me with designing and creating simple but expandable systems that can be reused for various content.