Jesper Börjesson.

Technical Level Designer


First person shooter



Aphelion is a single player first person shooter game set in a deserted space station.


  • Single player first person shooter game
  • Created in 8 weeks - half time
  • Using In-house Engine
  • Using Unreal Engine as editor
  • Approximately 15 min of gameplay

My Contributions

  • Level Design
  • Level Pipeline

The Team

  • Jesper Börjesson - Level Designer
  • Gustav Stigenus - Level Designer

  • Andreas Cramer - Graphical Artist
  • Alina Gromova - Graphical Artist
  • Olof Eneroth - Graphical Artist
  • Ruben Dahlstrand - Graphical Artist

  • Kasper Andersson - Programmer
  • Daniel Aladics - Programmer
  • Eric Hildebrand - Programmer
  • Sofie Palén - Programmer
  • Emma Göransson - Programmer
  • Robin Ericsson - Programmer
  • Lukas Hull - Programmer

  • Anton Lindgren - Technical Artist
  • Jesper Bergman - Technical Artist
  • Joel Rayner - Technical Artist


Find your own path

During this project we wanted to go with a design philosophy of “The player finds their own path”. This meant that we needed to try and create lots of alternative ways of reaching your destination. While there are several path, most player still use the same one so our goal did not go all that well.


Level Design

I was responsible for designing one of our two levels and I worked a lot with optimizing the levels for better performance. Since we used a Waypoint system rather than a NavMesh for our AI’s navigation it fell on me to place the waypoints.


Level Pipeline

We kept using the JazzPlugin which meant that I had to update it as we got new features in the engine. One of the biggest was out Waypoint system that would replace the NavMesh. The game has an enemy called a “Mimic” that can hide by changing objects such as furniture. I had to impairment an easy way for us level designers to place waypoints where the mimics could walk and change what object it could transform into there.


Closing Thoughts

This project pushed my skills with c++ as the Jazzplugin needed a lot of new features. It also had me design more complicated things that would be easy to use of designers.

Coming Soon