Jesper Börjesson.

Technical Level Designer





Blight is a 2D platformer that focuses on physics puzzles.


  • Single player platformer game
  • Created in 8 weeks - half time
  • Using In-house Engine
  • Using Unity as Editor
  • Approximately 15 min of gameplay

My Contributions

  • Level Design

The Team

  • Jesper Börjesson - Level Designer
  • Hannes Bensryd - Level Designer

  • Ludvig Olsson - Graphical Artist
  • Torbjörn Lindfors - Graphical Artist
  • Andreas Cramer - Graphical Artist

  • Karl Brunzell - Programmer
  • Morris Gustafsson - Programmer
  • Filip Carkic - Programmer
  • Mattias Andersson - Programmer
  • Oliver Nyholm - Programmer


Level Design

During this project my level design partner Hannes and I decided to work together on our two levels rather than have owner ship of one level each. It helped us spot a lot of problems early on and the levels felt more consistent than many of the other projects I have worked on.



We wanted the game to center around physics puzzles and it ended up okay, but it was an absolute nightmare to work with. It took an absurd amount of time to get things to behave the way we wanted. For a lot of puzzles to work, boxes needed to fall in predictable ways and not be able to get stuck anywhere. Every time there was an update to the physics engine things needed to be changed again.


Closing Thoughts

This project taught me that using physics as a core part of gameplay is a lot harder than it sounds and designing for it is a real pain.

Download the game