Jesper Börjesson.

Technical Level Designer


Point and click



Spacescape-Conundrum is a 2D point and click puzzle game. It is set on a space station during a fictional 80s


  • Single player point and click game
  • Created in 8 weeks - half time
  • Using LOVE 2D Engine
  • Approximately 15 min of gameplay

My Contributions

  • Level Design
  • Puzzle Design
  • Scripting

The Team

  • Jesper Börjesson - Level Designer
  • Daniel Svahn - Level Designer

  • Ludvig Olsson - Graphical Artist
  • Dennis Praetorius - Graphical Artist
  • Olof Eneroth - Graphical Artist
  • Adam Karlsson - Graphical Artist

  • Flovin Michaelsen - Programmer
  • Henrik Jönsson - Programmer
  • Alexander Aschan - Programmer
  • Simon Göransson - Programmer
  • Mattias Ringström - Programmer


First game project

Spaceescape was my game project at The Game Assembly. More than anything I learned a lot about game development, SCRUM and agile project planning. We divided our time into four sprints pre-production, alpha, beta and gold.


Level Design

I was responsible for designing half of the levels in the game. I had full responsibility for my levels in terms of flow and object placement. For environmental art I gave an idea of what I wanted the rooms to be like to the artists who dressed it.


Puzzle Design

The game has three different puzzle minigames that I was responsible for designing. Both in terms of designing what type of puzzle and designing the puzzles them self. The implementation of the puzzles were made by programmers



Since we used LOVE2D as an engine the only way to edit levels was through LUA. My main role during the project was to make the levels functional through scripting. Every objects in the scene needed some sort of script to work and for objects to even appear scripting was needed.


Closing Thoughts

This project was one of the best learning experiences I have had. It game me insight into the other disciplines and thought me how to work with them.

Download the game