Jesper Börjesson.

Technical Level Designer

Spite - Ohtilis's Ascension

Action RPG



Spite - Ohtilis's Ascension is a single player action rpg in an aztec setting.


  • Single player action rpg game
  • Created in 8 weeks - half time
  • Using In-house Engine
  • Using Unreal Engine as editor
  • Approximately 15 min of gameplay

My Contributions

  • Level Design
  • Level Pipeline

The Team

  • Jesper Börjesson - Level Designer
  • Gustav Stigenus - Level Designer

  • Andreas Cramer - Graphical Artist
  • Alina Gromova - Graphical Artist
  • Olof Eneroth - Graphical Artist
  • Ruben Dahlstrand - Graphical Artist

  • Kasper Andersson - Programmer
  • Daniel Aladics - Programmer
  • Eric Hildebrand - Programmer
  • Sofie Palén - Programmer
  • Emma Göransson - Programmer
  • Robin Ericsson - Programmer
  • Lukas Hull - Programmer

  • Anton Lindgren - Technical Artist
  • Jesper Bergman - Technical Artist
  • Joel Rayner - Technical Artist



Spite was our first project with a NavMesh and getting it to work took an incredible amount of time. The NavMesh was one of our most limiting factor in most of our decisions about the game.


Level Design

In this project I designed one of our levels and our boss room. I also had responsibly for making sure our NavMesh was created smoothly and unable.


Level Pipeline

We used the JazzPlugin in this project and it needed to be updated as new features were added to the engine. Since I had written it originally, I was responsible for it.


Closing Thoughts

This project helped me improve my communication skills as I had to describe to everyone why certain decisions would not work due to our limits with the NavMesh.

Download the game