Jesper Börjesson.

Technical Level Designer

Witchcat Adventures

Adventure Game



Witchcat adventures is a 2D adventure game where a young witch must defend cute cats from evil creatures.


  • Single player adventure game
  • Created in 8 weeks - half time
  • Using In-house Engine
  • Using Tiled as Editor

My Contributions

  • Level Design

The Team

  • Jesper Börjesson - Level Designer
  • Pål Schakonat - Level Designer

  • Ludvig Olsson - Graphical Artist
  • Alina Gromova - Graphical Artist
  • Catarina Batista - Graphical Artist
  • Henrik Andersson - Graphical Artist

  • Frej Sjöström - Programmer
  • Robin Ericsson - Programmer
  • Sedin Mesic - Programmer
  • Fredrik Bladh - Programmer


Level Design

During this project I was responsible for two of our three levels. We wanted to create a large open world that felt alive which took a lot of time.


Closing Thoughts

This project allowed me to spend almost all of my time level designing which was a nice change from the other projects.

Download the game